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> weigh 160#s
> soft fleece
> arrow-shaped ears
> gentle and timid
> learn tricks
> need protection

> weigh over 400 #s
> coarse fleece
> banana-shaped ears
> very brave
> carry heavy packs
> serve as herd guards


Alpacas ~ an overview

Alpaca: Llama pacos
The alpaca is part of the camelidae family and is closely related to the well-known llama.




Alpacas at Hum Sweet Hum/Creswell, OR
A working farm dedicated to friendly alpacas with extraordinary fleece. Fiber and its many uses is the focus of their breeding program for both hucaya and suri alpacas.

Canzelle Alpacas/Carpinteria, CA
This ranch is small enough so that each animal is personally cared for, and large enough to offer a selection of colors and prices. Canzelle Alpacas and their offspring boast many championship ribbons.

Eclipse Alpacas /Oxford, MI
A friendly family farm with a holistic approach to their herd care.

Pura Vida Alpacas /Eugene, OR
A high quality farm with generations of elite genetics.

Alpacas at Hum Sweet Hum

Canzelle Alpacas

Eclipse Alpacas of Michigan


National Association:

Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) national US association
Search for ranches in your area to visit. AOA also includes the national registry of alpacas; members can trace the lineage/offspring of animals.

Western Regional Alpaca Associations:

Alpaca Association of Western Oregon (AAWO) ~ Western Oregon association of alpaca farms

Columbia Alpaca Breeders Association (CABA) 0

Pacific Northwest Alpaca Association (PNAA)

California Alpacas (Calpaca) ~ includes northern and southern California farms

Other Farm & Fiber groups:

Black Sheep Gathering ~ celebrating colored natural fiber animals since 1974. A nationally known event held late June at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany, OR.

Willamette Women's Farm Network ~ a unique collaboration of women in agriculture, raising crops and/or livestock in Lane, Linn and Benton counties of Oregon.

Aragon Alapcas is a proud member of AAWO and WWFN.






Alpaca Fleece

Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill ~ bringing new life to the village of Halsey, OR, a place of classes, artsy fun, and fiber enthusiasm.

Ranch of the Oaks Fiber Mill ~ high quality roving, yarn, and other goodies, soon to be relocated in Prescott, AZ

Morro Fleece Works ~ fiber mill on CA's central coast

Interweave ~ for spinners, knitters, crocheters, and other fiber crafters

Fiber Mill, Ranch of the Oaks

Morro Fleece Works


Camelid Health

North West Camelid Foundation (NWCF) has been raising funds solely for camelid research since 1987.

Oregon State University: Camelid Program

Washington State University: Camelid Program

the Weaning Process ~ Gentle Spirit: whose baby is it anyway?

NW Camelid Foundation

Oregon State Univ

Washington State Univ Vet School


Training for Alpaca Whisperers & Listeners

Be An Animal Listener
~ Cindy Myers, author of Alpacas Don't Do That

Behavior & Training with a Gentle Spirit
'Understanding behavior is the key to herd management.'
~ Cathy Spalding

~ Marty McGee

T-Team & T-Touch Training
~ Linda Tellington-Jones, creator of equine behavior and training methods

Be An Animal Listener

Gentle Spirit Llamas & Alpacas


Business Aspects

Alpacas Investing ~ hands-on, beyond Wall Street (NW Alpacas)



Supply Catalogs

Quality Llama Products

Useful Llama & Alpaca Items

Quality Llamas Products


Alpaca Magazine ~ 'Vogue' for the alpaca industry; quarterly from AOBA

5 Steps to Animal Communication

Alpacas Don't Do That

The Shepherd Moon Alpaca Farm Mysteries: cozy mysteries by Kim Sheehan, available on Kindle or in paperback. Click on each image for the link.

The Purloined Alpaca Live & Let Dye Five Easy Fleeces Casa Blanket

animal communication

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