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  Our Herd boasts genetics from the renowned Ppperuvian Yupanqui, Ppperuvian Royal Fawn, Sinopsis Nocturna, Patagonia's Quijote and Mafutu (Danko sons), Augusto's Cochiti, Ppperuvian Serono, Aussie Rockford, and Snowmass Casanova, Peruvian E Galileo (by Remington), CN Rudulfo, and Canzelle's Kalahari (by Rickson).

 Females for Sale

Delphi's Disa
medium brown Huacaya female, proven

Delphi's Disa

offspring color  sire
PV Terra (f) LRG Aussie Rockford, MSG
Ladyhawke (f) DRG Aussie Rockford, MSG
Trinity (f) MB Aussie Rockford, MSG
Bubinga (m) MSG Canzelle's Kalahari, MSG
DOB: June 24, 2004
ARI: #1204780
Sire: Avatar, MRG
Dam: NGG Black Betty, TB
Price: NFS

Disa's thick fleece is a deep red-brown and has a good handle. With a lot of gray genetics behind her, Disa's former owner referred to her as "a gray girl in a brown dress."

Kalahari's BubingaHer first two cria by Rockford were rose-gray females, so the breeding was repeated. On June 10, 2009, Disa birthed a third Rockford daughter. Beneath her cria fleece, Trinity [SOLD] is bay black.

In 2010, Disa and Canzelle's Kalahari produced a stunning MSG male, Bubinga. His fleece won 2nd place, AlpacaMania 2011, and it is a dream to hand-spin. Bubinga's first cria is Stryder, an impish silver male full of personality.

Sparrow's Autumn Sun
medium fawn Huacaya female, proven

Sparrow's Autumn Sun

DOB: Aug 1, 2003
ARI: #850018
Sire: Cherry Garcia, TB
Dam: Ppperuvian Sparrow, WH
Status: non-breeder
Price: $500

Sparrow's Autumn Sun
is big-boned girl, blessed with strong black genetics from her sire's line. She is a good mom, not too doting.

offspring color  sire
Sorrento (m) DF Augusto's Cochiti, WH
Cadence (f) MB Canzelle's Dinghaan, MSG

Mafutu's Solstice Summer
medium brown Huacaya female, proven

Mafutu's Solstice Summer

Summer in the winter.

offspring color  sire
San Lorenzo (m) LF Centaur, LF
Gitana (f) DRG Spirit Song's Vivaldi, MSG
Rigel (m) MF Canzelle's Orion, DF
Raisa (f) DRG Canzelle's Kalahari, MSG
DOB: June 20, 2004
ARI: #1365238
Sire: Mafutu, DSG, Danko son
Dam: Violeta's Sarafina, MB Peruvian
Status: open
Service Sire: breeding of your choice
Price: $2,000

Mafutu's Solstice Summer
Summer is as stunning as her half-brother Galileo, and she has the blue ribbons to prove it. She is a big-boned girl with dense fleece and a well-mannered, gentle spirit.



blue ribbon
1st Place, Halter - MBA 2005
1st Place, Shorn - MIAF 2005

RH Sonnet of Shakespeare
medium brown Huacaya female, proven

Shakespeare's Sonnet

offspring color  sire
Black Sable (f) TB ALCR El Negro Modelo,TB
Sulaymon (m) W VF Prince Charming, LF
Carrera (f) MB Bentley of Rolling Hills, DB
Ramiro (m) DF Sienna Illusion, DB
Silhouette (f) MB Troubadour, LF
DOB: Aug 1, 2004
ARI: #3049375
Sire: Patagonia's Shakespeare, TB
Dam: El R Sunita, W
Status: open
Service Sire: breeding of your choice
Price: $1,500

Shakespeare's SonnetSonnet carries her sire's stunning head and soft, dense fleece. She is good-natured and patient, a pleasure to work with, and has produced crias in many colors.


medium fawn Huacaya female, Chilean


DOB: Sept 24, 1998
ARI: #808619
Sire: Nanook 567, MF
Dam: Corazoncita 189, LB
Status: non-breeder
Price: NFS

Flora, head
Flora is a ranch favorite. She is a classic earth mother with an easy-going personality. Flora answers to her name, especially when there are carrots! Her fleece retains its softness and is pleasant to spin.

offspring color  sire
Canzelle's Chaka (m) TB Sinopsis Nocturna, TB
Canzelle's Cetiwe (f) DF Sinopsis Nocturna, TB
Canzelle's Bulawayo (m) MRG Patagonia's Danko, MRG
Canzelle's Orion (m) DF Patagonia's Quijote, MSG
Capt. Sundancer (m) LF Patagonia's Shakespeare, TB
Galileo's Celeste (f) MF Peruvian E Galileo, MB

Sheba and Chantica
with 2005 cria, Cusco's Chantica

offspring color  sire
Yuki (m) W Dom Alamir, DF
CN Bright Promise(f) TB Peruvian Accolade, W
CN Reginald (m) DB Peruvian Lipton, LF
CN Kofi (m) W El R Victorio, LF
Cusco's Chantica (f) MB El R Antonio, MB
Cordova (m) DF Patagonia's Quijote, MSG
Jedlicka (f) BG CN Rudulfo, WH
Galileo's Sarek (m) MF Peruvian E Galileo, MB
AAA's Sheba
medium brown Huacaya female, proven
DOB: July 13, 1997
ARI: #801256
Sire: Osu's Opi, DB
Dam: NWA Peanut Brittle, DF
Price: NFS

Sheba Sheba is an easy birther and attentive mom.  She is the 'watcher' of our herd. Her cria are alert, curious and independent.

The white markings on her face attest to two gray grandparents.

Canzelle's Murphy Brown
bay black Huacaya female, proven

Canzelle's Murphy Brown

offspring color  sire
Dargan (m) MB VF Prince Charming, LF
Navarre (m) TB Canzelle's Orion, DF/v
Latakia (m) MB Peruvian E Galileo, MB
Tondero (m) TB Peruvian E Galileo, MB
DOB: March 13, 2005
ARI: #30421639
Sire: Sinopsis Nocturna, TB
Dam: Chocolate Caliente, MB
Price: SOLD

Canzelle's Murphy BrownMurphy's sweet, inquisitive nature is only surpassed by her good looks and excellent pedigree. She breeds and births easily, just like her mother did.


Galileo's TonderoMurphy's 2011 cria, Tondero, exhibits his dam's expressive face and his sire's dense thick fleece in solid black.

Amazing Grace de Lauca
medium silver gray Huacaya female, proven

DOB: Nov 6, 1996
ARI: #183146
Sire: The Colorado Pisarata, MRG
Dam: Tierra Lauca, LF
Price: NFS

offspring color  sire
Jabulani (f) DF Ppp Yupanqui, WH
Tandi (f) TB Sinopsis Nocturna, TB
Kenyazi (f) MSG Sinopsis Nocturna, TB
Zimbabwe (m) TB Patagonia's Quijote, MSG
Dinghaan (m) MSG Snowmass Casanova, MSG
Indaba (m)   Snowmass Casanova, MSG
Romeo (m) MSG Snowmass Casanova, MSG
Tecumseh (m) DF Canzelle's Orion, DF/v
Garamond (m) MSG Canzelle's Kalahari, MSG


Gracie is an exceptional gray production dam, producing gray or black when bred to gray. Several of her offspring are show winners, including a Grand Color Champion Canzelle's Dinghaan. Gracie is an easy birther and attentive mom, and her fleece retains the softness of her youthful years.

AEA's Black Lace
true black Huacaya female, proven
Black Lace
DOB: Oct 3, 2004
ARI: #1332407
Sire: FO Juan Carlos, LF
Dam: SLL Stardust's Johanna, TB
Status: open
Service Sire: breeding of your choice
Price: $2000

Black Lace is as feminine as her name implies, and with Royal Fawn as her grandsire, her fleece exhibits the fineness we were looking for in a black dam. Lace's crias grow quickly from her abundance of milk.

blue ribbon
2nd Place, Shorn - MIAF 2005
2nd Place, Fleece Show - STAR 2006

offspring color  sire
Modoc (m) MF Mafutu, DSG
Troubadour (m) LF CN Rudulfo, WH
Mariquita (f) DF Canzelle's Orion, DF/v

Cusco's Chantica
medium brown Huacaya female, proven

Cusco's Chantica

DOB: Dec 15, 2005
ARI: pending
Sire: El R Antonio, MB
Dam: AAA's Sheba, MB
Due: open
Service Sire: breeding of your choice
Price: $1,500

Chantica's unabashed curiosity is part of her charm. She was named for the Aztec goddess of hearth and home, and for the yummy chocolate wintertime drink at Star$s.

Chantica invites your attention. She is an alert mom, good with her cria.

offspring color  sire
Joya (f) MF CN Rudulfo, WH
Regalo (m) MF CN Rudulfo, WH

Modelo's Black Sable
true black Huacaya female, unproven
DOB: July 11, 2006
ARI: #30553798
Sire: ALCR El Negro Modelo, TB
Dam: RH Sonnet of Shakespeare, MB
Price: SOLD

'Black Sable' denotes the heraldry color for black, a noble shade. And her presence suits the description well.

To our great delight, Sable's first cria, Catalina, was medium rose gray, and as impish as her mom! Her full sister, Ruana, is medium brown.

offspring color  sire
Catalina (f) MRG Canzelle's Orion, DF
Ruana (f) DF Canzelle's Orion, DF

Rockford's Ladyhawke
dark rose gray Huacaya female, proven
DOB: May 25, 2008
ARI: #3845595
Sire: Aussie Rockford, MSG
Dam: Delphi's Disa, MB
Due: Septemeber 2012
Service Sire: Canzelle's Orion, DF
Price: $2,000

, with her dark points and pale gray markings, sports medium rose gray fleece beneath that red-brown exterior. She is smart, and a very good mom. Her dense fleece exhibits fine crimp ~ a joy to spin!

Trinket is the light rose gray daughter of Ladyhawke and Casanova's Tesoro.

And to our delight, Ladyhawke's Feather arrived, a caramel and cream appaloosa. Both are among the finest and most unusual fleeces on the farm.

Rudulfo's Jedlicka d'Aragon
beige Huacaya female, proven
Rudulfo's Jedlicka d'Aragon
DOB: June 24, 2008
ARI: #31845540
Sire: CN Rudulfo, WH
Dam: AAA Sheba, MF
Price: SOLD

This sweet young thing is our "Barbie doll" girl, very long-legged and elegant. Jedlicka will eat pellets from your hand, tickling your palm. Her soft, crimpy fleece is palest beige, blending to white on legs and belly. Very dyeable!

Jedlicka and Sulaymon produced Smuggler, a white male with a sweet personality and soft, crimpy fiber.

Vivaldi's Gitana d'Aragon
dark rose gray Huacaya female, proven
Vivaldi's Gitana d'Aragon
DOB: August 6, 2008
ARI: #31845588
Sire: Spirit Song's Vivaldi, MSG
Dam: Mafutu's Solstice Summer, MB
Due: open
Service Sire: breeding of your choice
Price: $1,500

("gypsy") dances through the pastures on her white-tipped toes. Her fleece is so fine it is almost slippery, and it is dark rose gray beneath the reddish tips. With strong gray genetics on both sides, we chose Petras as service sire, producing a true black male, Django, named for Django Rinehard, a jazz guitarist.


  Ladies in Waiting (Maidens)



Bentley's Carrera d'Aragon
dark fawn Huacaya female, unproven

Bentley's Carrera

DOB: August 6, 2008
ARI: #31845571
Sire: Bentley of Rolling Hills, MB
Dam: RH Sonnet of Shakespeare, MB
Status: open
Service Sire: breeding of your choice
Price: $1,000

is covered with dense, soft fleece, crimpy and bright, even on her full topknot. Her fleece won 1st place at AlpacaMania 2011, and sold quickly at the Black Sheep Gathering 2016.

Carrera's conformation and style exhibit an elegant, pleasing presence. She is an echo of her dam's vicuna coloring which draws pleasing attention.


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